Vladimir Kaspé. Arquitectura racionalista

Vladimir Kaspé Arquitectura Racionalista is an itinerant exhibition promoted by the Department of Architecture of  Universidad Iberoamericana Mexico City. In collaboration with Universidad La Salle University and Fideicomiso Vladimir Kaspé, IBERO created a representative exhibition of the rationalist facet of its buildings built in Mexico, illustrated with photographs by Guillermo Zamora, under the curatorship of Alejandro Aguilera González. The graphic design of the exhibition and the promotional material made by behagen are based on the clarity, expressiveness and sobriety characteristic of the work of Vladimir Kaspé.


Exhibition at Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México

Exhibition at Pabellón Vladimir Kaspé of Universidad La Salle

Exhibition at Galería José Luis Benlliure of Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Exhibition at Universidad Anáhuac