Vladimir Kaspé. Arquitectura racionalista

Authors: Alejandro Aguilera González and José Alejandro Ayllón Ortiz.

Publishers: Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México and Fideicomiso: Becas de Posgrado en Arquitectura Vladimir Kaspé, México. 2011.

Photography: Guillermo Zamora Serrano.

Vladimir Kaspé is one of the most appreciated architects of the second half of the XX Century. After his arrival from Europe he won well-deserved fame as a magnificent architect, admirable teacher, good musician and excellent person, always kind and well mannered. Kaspé’s work was characterized by its austere elegance, his good sense in dealing with the materiality of his works and for valuing only the essentials without formal displays and always with clarity and moderation. The period in which he carries out his works is characterized by a limited availability of building materials, so that his works are determined by three or four well-balanced materials. His formal decisions are usually clear and conclusive. He chooses a couple of formal gestures and with them he resolves the work. The result is architecture with limited resources and overwhelming dramatic force.