Vicente Alonso Ibarra. El oficio del arquitecto

Authors: José Alejandro Ayllón Ortiz and Alejandro Aguilera González.

Publisher: Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México and Praxis Arquitectura S.C., México. 2013.

Amidst the Babel tower that represents the modern city of today, where every architect speaks a different language, sometimes, the one who, with the prudence of not joining the overall screams, quietly speaks or simply remains silent. From the set of Vicente Alonso’s work, one can say, that it is a proposal that generates discrete architectures, based on compositional subtleties, with well resolved construction details, where the principal element is space, which ultimately results in a refined elegance, where order and prudence permeate everything. His work could well be interpreted as a manifesto against architecture as an object, lonely or self-referential, the rejection to free protagonism, to be replaced by an expression of the architect’s reflective engagement with his city. Vicente Alonso prefers discreet handling of urban scale, rejects the grandiose or monumental, his buildings are designed to be seen at close quarters, to be constantly revised, without generating shocks or overwhelm the user, to discover its secrets. The architectonic work of Vicente Alonso is not the work that reveals its clues at first glance; it requires careful participation of the user to reveal an architecture that makes of discretion and good sense a value. What this architect favors is honesty in construction.