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We use design to help creative companies thrive

We implement strategies based on our expertice and insight in the design and marketing industries to develop clear messages designed to adapt effortlessly to an ever changing world.


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Design-driven and performance focused

It is all about the strategy, not just good design. Branding is an essential part of the business model. We want to make sure you are not the best kept secret, so we monitor your performance to obtain the progress you expected.


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Well-honed process in place

Our services are beautifully and thoughtfully designed to incorporate cutting edge branding and marketing best practices. We walk you through our process, start to finish, to give you a preview of what it’ll be like to work with behagen and the clarity we’ll bring to your vision.


Brand strategy

Our work is based on an iterative process where we collaborate with our clients to understand their objectives. The first phase is key to produce a quality strategy based on your goals and needs. By knowing them in detail, we will be able to structure an appropriate work plan.


Brand identity

Strong brands set themselves apart by making clear choices on what they choose to project and how they speak to their audience. The visual resources that determine the brand identity in various media constitute the "personality" of the organization and communicate the value of your product or service. All these elements are combined in a Brandbook.



Digital strategy

Based on the Brandbook, we make sure the brandguidelines translate into a unique experience that matches the overall style of your brand, so it will look great on every phase of contact with your clients, every time. In this process, we combine various channels and media to communicate a clear message.



Let’s build a brand you feel proud of

We really hope we get the chance to know and help you. For further information about our work, feel free to visit our social platforms or contact us directly through Email.