El sueño de Polyfilo. El origen erótico del significado arquitectónico

Author: Alberto Pérez-Gómez.

Art direction: Angeliki Sioli

Publisher: Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México, México. 2012.

El Sueño de Polyfilo. El Origen Erótico del Significado Arquitectónico is an erotic-theoretical tale about architecture that retells the love story of a famous fifteenth-century treatise, Hypterotomachia Polifili. In his narrative, Pérez-Gómez enters a dark road, but unlike Dante’s dark forest or Colonna, author of the original Polifili, this is the forest of blinding clarity of modern science where he seeks a shadow to feed the true vision, a black light torch that allows us to see the depth of embodied phenomenon and not the visual effect of formalism, the illusion of a white light bulb that can save energy, looking for our place as an alternative against the Cartesian man as a point where perspective lines converge.