What is branding?

A brand is much more than a logo

Your brand is the story that prevails in the minds of those who interact with your company. The essence of your organization will depend on the emotional associations you transmit through the interaction with your clients.

Why should you invest in a branding strategy?

A brand should be seen, heard and understood in order to be effective. If you identify with any of the following, it may be time for a brand refresh:

· You are blending in with the competition

· Your brand doesn’t reflect the quality of your work

· Your brand has become overly complicated

How does it work?

In this process, we develop a library of print and digital templates to communicate a clear message. This can range from invoice and other in-house document templates to your website and social media campaigns.

1. Brand strategy

Our work is based on an iterative process where we collaborate with our clients to understand their objectives. The first phase is key to produce a quality strategy based on your goals and needs. By knowing them in detail, we will be able to develop clear and concise messages, a unique selling proposition, design a system of contact points and optimize internal management processes.

2. Brand identity

Strong brands set themselves apart by making clear choices on what they choose to project and how they speak to their audience. The visual resources that determine the brand identity in various media constitute the “personality” of the organization and communicate the value of your product or service. All these elements are combined in the brand guidelines.

3. Brand experience

We make sure the brand guidelines translate into a unique experience that matches the overall style of your brand, so it will look great on every phase of contact with your clients, every time.



Let’s build a brand you feel proud of

Businesses aren’t static. They are constantly growing and evolving. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to be cognizant of your brand’s growth and fine-tune your brand presence accordingly.