Los dibujos del taller de Augusto H. Álvarez

Authors: Lourdes Cruz González Franco and Alejandro Aguilera González.

Publishers: Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México and Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, México. 2013.

Augusto Álvarez’s workshop was one of the most important architecture firms in Mexico during the second half of the twentieth century; it was distinguished by its professionalism, solidity, continuity and, above all, team work. During the forties, rationality, modulation, the development of detail, the use simple forms without formal excesses and the application of adequate proportions distinguished its architecture. In the workshop, drawing was an invaluable tool in the prefiguration of the building and its parts, since projects were developed down to the smallest detail. For Álvarez drafting was an instrument of control, of measurement, and of precision in his works; it was also a way of communicating with clients, of convincing them, of transmitting his ideas and selling the project.

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