Alberto Pérez-Gómez. De la educación en arquitectura

Editors:  Alejandro Aguilera González and José Alejandro Ayllón Ortiz.

Publisher: Universidad Iberoamericana Ciudad de México, México. 2014

This publication originated from a visit of Professor Alberto Pérez-Gómez that took place on April 2011 at Universidad Iberoamericana in Mexico City. Alberto Pérez-Gómez is a prominent professor at McGill University and an architectural theorist. This book is part of a project that aims at training teachers with the intention of creating critical mass, seeking to encourage the multiplication of opportunities for dialogue and interaction. The ideas presented in this book emerge from thoughts regarding architectural education and teaching methodologies for Architecture, emphasizing the design process. The structure of the book allows a dialogue between Pérez-Gómez and the main critical voices of the Mexican architectural setting, resulting in a content rich in views about education, theory, philosophy, drawing, computer technologies and sustainability.